Only you’re in your inn room while on a work excursion to Mumbai. To facilitate the weariness, you get out your workstation and begin trawling the web. You’re considering it a night when all of a sudden a connection gets your attention. It’s for an agency, and it makes you think. You’ve for a long while been itching to book an elite girl, however, it’s a unique little something you’ve quite recently never gotten around to doing. 
a. Give interest a chance to improve you and tap on the connection. 
b. Close down your PC, go to overnight boardinghouse a decent night’s rest. 
On the off chance that you picked choice a., you’re in for a sweet astonishment. The site has a whole display brimming with lovely high-class escorts. You should simply call the office, pick which woman you most like the look of and a driver will drop her off at a concurred time. Everything sounds so basic. 
a. Snatch your telephone, call the agency and make a booking. 
b. Lose your nerve, at last, pull out of making the booking and spend whatever is left of the night on your PC respecting the photo gallery, before going to bed overwhelmed by lament and FOMO. 
In the event that you held your nerve and ran with alternative a., the organization requests to pick an escort keeping in mind the end goal to finish the booking. There are such huge numbers of delightful ladies, you feel spoilt for decision. 
a. A blonde sensation – You would never oppose a delightful blonde. Luckily, the woman you’ve picked is accessible today around evening time and can be at your place in 45 minutes. She touches base at your place ideal on time, welcoming you with a cordial grin. You can barely trust it, however, she’s significantly more smoking, in actuality, than in the photographs. 
b. A wonderful brunette – If you ran with alternative b., fortunes is your ally. The brunette you most preferred the look of is accessible, and you mastermind her to be dropped off at your place ASAP. A little while later, you hear a thump at the entryway. Remaining there is a lady with the long dim hair, blue eyes, and an overwhelmingly pretty face. 
a. To the most sweltering bar in Mumbai – You choose you to have a craving for hitting the town, so you and your girl advance into the city. Simply observe the amount you drink – you would prefer not to demolish the peak of the night! 
b. An Italian eatery practically around the bend from your home – You all of a sudden acknowledge how hungry you are. Fortunately, your most loved Italian eatery is not far off, where you and your companion appreciate a candlelit supper, before going to your place. 
c. No place – Nowhere. For what reason would you need to go out when you can have this wonderful lady all to yourself in the security of your own home? 
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